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Recommended read for the Xmas holidays: Our VR study has been published as a book

Aktualisiert: 30. Juli 2019

This is the perfect Xmas gift for VR enthusiasts, travel marketers and anyone involved in new media formats: Our VR study has been published as a book!

"From hype to value: Virtual Reality Tools in the Tourism Industry and their Influence on Booking Behaviour" is now available as paperback as well as in different e-book formats.

And as it is the festive season: We will give away one copy in a prize draw!

Just let us know why you would like to win the book by dropping us a short line by mail at hello@virtuallytheremedia.com. One of my daughters (who are not able to read yet) will randomly pick a name. On December 23, we will draw the winner and notify him/her by e-mail. [We have a winner in the meantime - congratulations, Mareike!]

What it is about

The current technological development considerably affects the way how tourism destinations and touristic products are perceived and how booking decisions take place. In that context, it is crucial to understand consumer decision processes, especially in the travel and hospitality sector. “Virtual Reality Tools in the Tourism Industry and their Influence on Booking Behaviour” investigates consumer behaviour based on a structural model. The described study examines the effect of VR exposure on the booking decision process,specifically on the purchasing probability, the speed of decision‐making and turnover. Different to other research, it analyses actual purchasing decisions from the perspective of travel sales agents instead of consumers expressing purchasing intentions in artificial laboratory situations. It offers handy guidelines for travel marketers how to best use VR for their purposes and supports managerial practice by indicating how the relevant constructs can be stimulated.

You are interested in just a summary of the findings? Request it here! Or you would like to discuss how you can implement virtual tours to inhance conversion for your travel business? Book a free consultation!

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