• Carola Epple

Video: dive into a thrilling canyoning adventure

Aktualisiert: 25. Okt 2019

pure elements is a travel company from Sonthofen in Southern Germany, specialized on canyoning adventure tours. Canyoning is a very popular summer thrill in the Alps and involves hiking, climbing and finally jumping into a fast-flowing mountain stream, allowing oneself to be carried downstream - the more speed, the more fun!

When we got in touch with the two founders Martin and Thomas Waibel over immersive videos to increase conversion rates, it turned out that they had dealt with 360° content already: they had captures themselves one of their most beautiful and thrilling tours in 360°: "Into the Ocean" in the Azores - a tour through basalt canyons in one of the most impressive sceneries in Europe with waterfall abseiling in the Atlantic Ocean. We agreed that VirtuallyThere would edit their content according to our approach so that they could use it for selling their Azores canyoning trip.

This project was special in some ways. Usually we do the filming part ourselves and focus on showcasing a whole destination, broken down to all possible activities and target broups. This is how we build up our content archive as a source for curating individually adapted, immersive destination content snipets for our customers. However, as pure elements provided really appealing content, we could build upon that to create an immersive canyoning experience in this case. Enjoy your trip! :-)

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